Comodo Internet Security

Welcome to our guide on installing Comodo Internet Security.

Firstly navigate to

Scroll to the bottom of the “free” column to download.

Click “Download”, then the following dialogue box should appear (if you are using Firefox, if you are using another web-browser, the procedure will differ slightly.)

Click “Save File”. Then open the file you have just downloaded.

Make sure the file’s Publisher is “Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.”, then click “Run”.

User Account Control will ask you if you wish this program to make changes to your computer. Please chose “Yes”.

On this page, uncheck the box which says “Enhance my web browsing experience by setting Yahoo! as my homepage, new tab and default search engine (all supported browsers)”, then click Next.

On this page, uncheck “Change my DNS provider to COMODO Secure DNS (improved security online, faster resolution of web pages).”

Also uncheck “Enable ‘Cloud Based Behaviour Analysis’ of untrusted files”.
Finally uncheck “Send anonymous program usage”, then click on the “Components” tab at the top of this screen.

Uncheck “COMODO GeekBuddy”, “COMODO Dragon Web Browser” and “COMODO Secure Shopping”, then click “Install”.

The installer will then run.

Once this screen is displayed, click “Finish”. A Quick Scan Window will appear to download updated virus definitions and perform a quick scan of your computer. This will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

You will also notice the widget in the top right hand corner of your desktop. Do not worry, we will turn this feature off later.

At some point your network will be detected. Please chose the appropriate type of network that you are connected to. If you are at Home, please chose “I am at Home.”. If you are in a public place, please chose “I am at a Public Place”

If you click the “Comodo Internet Security” icon on your desktop, you will be presented with the following screen. Please click “Advanced View” in the right hand corner of this window.

Where it says “Antivirus Stateful” please click Stateful and change it to “On Access”.

Now if you click Settings in the left corner, the following window will appear. Uncheck all the options on this page as shown in the screenshot.

On the left hand side, please click Antivirus, followed by “Realtime Scan”. Untick the box next to “Do not show antivirus alerts” as we would like to be informed when a virus is detected, rather than the file just disappearing.

Then click “Firewall” and “Firewall Settings”. Untick the box next to “Enable Trustconnect alerts”. Then click “Ok” to apply the settings. You will then be asked to restart your computer.

After you have restarted, the following web site will open automatically. You are safe to close it down.

If you happen to download a virus, the first time you do you will be prompted with the following dialogue. Please tick the box “Do not ask me this question again” and click “No, thanks.”

Upon subsequent malware access, the following alert will appear. If you are not sure what to do, please click “Clean (Recommended)” to quarantine the file.