Update to Hosting Packages

We are excited to announce some changes to our hosting platform. We have made these changes with you in mind to improve the overall experience for your customers and users.

Update by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images
Image: “Update” by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Bulk Email Sending Policy

On our shared hosting packages, the maximum number of emails each domain can send out per hour has been set to 60. This is 1 email per minute which should be adequate for most sites hosted on our shared platform. If you wish to send more mail than this, please contact us.

If you send mail to an unusually large amount of recipients, your email may be held and delivery suspended pending manual review.

You are permitted 5 failed or deferred emails from your account per hour and if this is equal to or greater than 15% of total email per domain an hour, the domain will be temporarily unable to send outgoing mail.

Old Website Software and Plug-ins

We maintain secure services here at DigitalJessica and therefore no longer allow old versions of website software, such as content management systems (like WordPress). We have automated monitoring of most software installed and will endeavour to inform you if you are running an outdated version of software or plug-ins, however this only applies to our predefined lists and are not able to detect all out of date software.

PHP7 and MariaDB

We have upgraded PHP for most sites on our platform to the latest version of PHP7 and have updated to MariaDB 10 in line with current policy to run the latest stable supported versions of our back end software.

Exploit Detection and Prevention

In a recent effort to improve overall security, we have now allotted and enabled strict virus, malware and fingerprint scanning on our systems to reduce the likelihood of exploits damaging your website and affecting other users on our platform. If you upload a file and are given a warning that it contains a virus or matches a fingerprint and you believe this is in error, please reach our to our support team.

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