Fake Phishing Email Alerts


This is a quick post to issue a warning. We are aware that some accounts will be receiving messages like the one below, asking them to click a link and confirm some details about their account. We do not send emails like this. Do not click any links contained in an email like this, unless … [Read more…]

Emergency Temporary Closure

We're Temporarily Closed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not currently accepting any new work and therefore have to make a temporary closure. The COVID-19 crisis has seriously affected my mental health and well-being. I also am not able to access the support I require to undertake my work safely. People have been in contact for … [Read more…]

Our agonizing painful fight with Symantec (now Broadcom) Are they really this bad? Is their ‘MessageLabs’ platform just awful?

Symantec Logo - Symantec, Destroying Email, so you don't have to.

Update 05/05/2020 20:37 We have again tried to contact support at Symantec for help with this issue. We unfortunately were unable to get anywhere this time either, though it appears that they have now been bought out by Broadcom. They couldn’t answer any of my queries because I was not a customer, and couldn’t transfer … [Read more…]

COVID-19 Information

As you are probably aware, we are facing one of the greatest medical challenges of our lifetime. We at DigitalJessica would like to publicly thank the doctors, nurses, porters, refuse collectors, cleaners, shelf stackers, delivery drivers and anyone else who is working tirelessly around the clock, maintaining critical infrastructure to ensure the minimum of disruption … [Read more…]

Phishing E-mails

We have become aware of a phishing email that asks you to click on a link to verify your email address. The email claims to come from cPanel Webmail and that you need to verify your account to continue using your email address. We do not send out e-mails of this kind. If there was … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Spam

We all know that spam can be a major problem for email users. However, when you get a scary email that says “Your email has been hacked”, and you must donate some amount of bitcoin to prevent them releasing awkward photos of you this can leave you on edge. We’ve also seen a new bitcoin … [Read more…]

New Telephone Number


Our telephone number has been updated. Please contact +44 1723 624099 from now on to get in contact with us. This update further increases our ability to manage inbound calls from our clients and make sure your call gets to the right place. Telephone Opening Times Day Opening Times Monday 11:00 – 17:00 Tuesday 11:00 … [Read more…]