[Solved] Lets Encrypt DST Root X3 Expiry

Update 2021-10-03: All the issues have been mitigated and there should be no further problems experienced.

We are aware that some users might be experiencing certificate errors when trying to access websites and services hosted by us. This is due to an expiry of a ‘trust anchor’ which expired mid afternoon on the 30th September.

We believed we had taken steps to mitigate the issue back when we were informed over a year ago, but it seems that the cPanel software we use on our server is having issues now that this ‘intermediate’ certificate has expired and we are awaiting a fix from the vendor.

We are monitoring and will update you as soon as there is anything new to report. In the mean time, you can access our services through the hostname of the server you are on. If you need help, reach out to us using our contact forms

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